About us

Masters of the smoking craft

We believe that smoking cigars should be more than a habit. It should be enjoyed like a work of art, something to be savored and appreciated with every puff. Therefore, we have made it our mission to blend art, culture, and flavor into harmonious masterpieces that transcend the mundane.

Every cigar we produce is a true expression of our passion and commitment to luxury and refinement, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only the finest long-filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, meticulously selecting each leaf for its quality, texture, and flavor and aging it to perfection to create an exceptional premium product that is truly second to none.

Our story

As avid cigar enthusiasts, we knew that exceptional quality and unmatched craftsmanship were paramount in the creation of luxurious cigars, so we embarked on a journey to produce the very best of them.

It was this passion that inspired us to create a unique smoking experience that brings people together over their shared love of premium cigars. We traveled far and wide, searching for the finest soils to produce leaves of the highest quality, and aged them to perfection, allowing their natural flavors to develop and mature. Countless hours of research and development led us to create a collection of cigars that exceeded our exacting standards, and from that, Adrian Magnus was born.

Today, we are proud to provide the world with some of the finest luxury cigars available, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of high-end cigars.

What is our strength?

100% Premium Tobacco
We take complete ownership of the quality and craftsmanship of each cigar we produce and sell, ensuring that every step of the process - from sourcing the finest long-filler tobacco to meticulous hand-crafting - meets our exacting standards.
Expert assistance
From the moment you place your order, our focus is on exceptional customer service, guidance, and support. We take pride in knowing that our cigars, like our customers, are unique, and we strive to deliver an unparalleled experience every time.
Express delivery
We offer worldwide shipping to ensure that our customers can enjoy our cigars no matter where they are, and our professional logistics team works quickly to dispatch every order within 1-3 working days, guaranteeing that your shipment will arrive promptly.
Premium quality control
Our warehouse is equipped with a top-of-the-line humidity and temperature-controlled system, and our quality control experts carefully inspect every box to ensure that the cigars are in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed upon delivery.
Professional insights
We are dedicated to keeping you in the know on the latest information and knowledge in the world of premium cigars while also providing you with valuable lifestyle tips and insights that are sure to elevate your cigar knowledge.

Our philosophy

Every cigar tells a unique story, and our story is one of passion, commitment, and attention to detail. Quality and excellence are the foundation of our values, and we weave them into every leaf and wrapper of every cigar we make.

As you savor one of them, you'll feel that you're holding something that was crafted with care and attention to detail — something that you'll cherish with anticipation.

We carefully consider every element, from the flavor profile to the texture, to create a journey of the senses, an escape from the ordinary, and a reflection of the luxurious lifestyle you aspire to.

About leaves


We source our tobacco leaves exclusively from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador - regions known for producing the finest tobacco in the world.

The process

Our tobacco leaves are meticulously aged to perfection through a rigorous process of fermentation, resulting in a depth of flavor that is unmatched in richness and complexity.

The filler

Crafted with only the highest quality long-filler tobacco, our cigars offer a smooth and consistent burn, providing a perfect draw that leads to an unforgettable smoking experience.